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We now create handmade, customized, LUXURY press on nails for the most discriminating tastes.  
They are designed with our salon-quality, soft gel overlays and are decorated using only top-quality gel polishes and embellishments to create thicker, stronger, more durable, and REUSABLE nails. 
Because your new, lightweight nails are made from gel, you won't have to worry about hairspray and sunscreen dulling the finish or your manicure.
When purchased with a prep kit, our nail system comes complete with everything you need to prep and apply your nails to ensure maximum wear.  We supply both short term (1 hr to 3-day wear) to long term (up to 3 weeks!) options.
Collect and expand your nail wardrobe by curating your own custom box set.  Add single accent nails, and grow your reusable collection over time.  Mix and match your adhesive choices to be able to change out your accent nails for versatility!
When you mix handmade accents with the convenience of our line, you can create a whole new set and within minutes- you'll have nails fit for a Queen!
We are more than happy to customize your order. Send us a message, and together we will style the perfect X Press Yourself set just for you!
Check out our updates for color charts and color lines to select from when requesting a custom order.
Sizing kits available at a charge of $5 and you will receive a 10% coupon to use for your first set!

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